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3 Ways to Match Paint Color Already On Walls

You are ready to repaint your home but still love the existing paint color and would like to repaint the walls with the same color. The only problem is that you do not know the name or paint brand of the original paint. That’s where the phrase “color match” comes in.

What Is Color Matching?

The process of color matching involves choosing a paint color that accurately corresponds to an already existing color on a piece of furniture or wall. In this blog, we will provide you with three different methods of color-matching paint.

1. Color Match with a Fan Deck

Using a fan deck is a traditional and reliable method of color matching. This option can get you to the closest color, but it all depends on your keen eye for color and how much time you are willing to spend going through color swatches.

The first step is to order a fan deck from your favorite paint company like Sherwin-Williams. Then the next step is to figure out the sheen and hue of the previous paint. Finally, use that information to find a color on the fan deck that resembles the one on your walls or exterior siding. However, keep in mind that this can be time-consuming, and there is no guarantee that you will find an exact match.

The best strategy when working with a Fan deck is to find a couple of colors that look similar to the original paint. Next, bring the swatches with you to a paint store you will have to acquire paint samples.

We recommend not applying the paint samples directly to the walls when testing the colors. If you apply the samples on the wall, you will need to sand down and prime the area before applying the final coat of paint. To avoid that extra work, paint your samples onto giant poster boards and tape them to the walls to compare colors.

If you are dealing with exterior siding, find a section that hasn’t faded due to weather and is without dirt. If you are color-matching interior walls, pick a clean area with good natural light for the best result.

2. Color Matching Apps & Reader

The second method, which is a bit more expensive, is using technology like the Benjamin Color-Reader and Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio app on the smartphone. These tools can match colors to a Benjamin Moore paint color equivalent with 90% accuracy. However, unique paint brands like Fine Paints of Europe or Farrow and Ball may not be accurately matched via technology because of how they are formulated and produced.

Tools like the Benjamin Color-Reader and Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio app are more useful if you constantly need to color-match. For most homeowners, this tool wouldn’t be ideal due to the price, as the Benjamin Color-Reader Pro costs around $249.

3. Via Paint Store | The Best Ways to Match Paint Color

The third and final method we highly recommend is removing a small paint chip from your painted wall and taking it to a local trusted paint store. If it’s a piece of furniture that is easy to carry, just take it to a paint store with you. A professional paint specialist with a keen eye for color will work with you to find the most accurate match. The new can of paint will be matched not only to the original color but also to the precise hue and sheen level.

Your local paint shop pro will use a piece of equipment that scans the color sample composition and provides a series of colors that the machine thinks closely matches your paint chip sample. From there, the paint specialist will work with the options and provide tweaks that will give you an exact match. You can then purchase a gallon of the paint.

To remove the sample chip of paint, find a clean corner on the wall and cut out a small square of your wall using a sharp utility blade. Make sure not to cut too deep into the drywall.

To repair the wall after you will have to apply a little dry compound to the area you cut out. Then sand it dry, prime the wall, then paint.

When working with exterior paint, use a 5-in-1 tool to extract a paint chip from the siding; look for any peeling spots and avoid digging too deeply into the wood siding.

Finding the Best Paint Match For Your Home

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