painter painting room with tools behind him

18 Must-Have Painting Tools For Painters: Professional Painter Tool List

Are you a DIY enthusiast tackling home repairs or someone venturing into the painting business? Whether you’re starting small or aiming to create the ultimate painter’s toolkit, this blog is tailor-made for you.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top tools that every painter should have in their arsenal to get the paint job done. This guide will help you understand the importance of each painting tool you need. 

Let’s put together your tools for your house painting tool kit! The list below isn’t in any particular order.

1. Sherwin Williams Painters Tool Bag

sherwin williams  tool bag

First and foremost, you’ll need a reliable tool bag to keep your gear organized. Look no further than the Sherwin Williams Painters Tool Bag, designed specifically for painters. It offers spacious compartments to keep your tools neatly arranged and easily accessible.

2. Hyde Painters Tool

Hyde Painters Tool

The Hyde Painters Tool is your ultimate multitool, with 14 functions in one. Use it as a roller scraper, paint can opener, nail setter, and more. Its versatility ensures you won’t need to carry extra tools on the job. Our favorite use is as a roller scraper/roller cleaner to remove the excess paint from our painter rollers. We also use it to open paint cans by using this flat edge and to hammer paint tops back on cans by using the back end of this tool. This is a must-have tool!

3. Bahco Paint Scraper

Paint Scraper tool

For those hard-to-reach places where a sander might not the the right tool, like around window trim, and down by the baseboards,  the Bahco 625 scraper comes to the rescue. Its lightweight design and small size make it perfect for removing loose old paint chips.

4. Hyde Putty Knife

three hyde putty knives

The next tool on this list is an array of Putty Knives by Hyde. Putty knives are tools used to apply and spread various materials, such as joint compound for drywall repair or putty for molding restoration. Their utility varies depending on their width; for instance, a slender blade is suitable for filling minor nail holes in walls or wood. The best prep tool to ensure a high-quality paint finish.

5. Dripless Caulking Gun

caulking gun

Seal gaps and cracks effortlessly with the Dripless ETS 1100 caulking gun. It releases pressure automatically, preventing excess caulk from oozing out and ensuring a seamless finish.

6. Stanley Nail Set

nail set painters tool

Crafted from hardened steel, this nail set offers precision and slip resistance. Its elongated design makes it perfect for setting nails in tight spots.

7. Corona Paint Brushes

Corona Cortez brushes, made from a Nylon/polyester blend, offer superior paint application for both interior and exterior projects. They are easily the best painting brushes on the market.

When it comes to sizes, we recommend having 3 types. A 2 ½ inch brush, a 1 ½ brush, and a 2 inches brush. For the 2 ½ and 1 ½ brushes, we like the Corona Cortez. Their brushes are synthetic brushes made from a Nylon/polyester blend so they offer superior paint application with latex or oil paints. It can be used for both interior and exterior painting. A 2 ½ brush is great for cutting the edge of walls before you roll. The 1 ½ brush on the other hand is great for trim, window sashes, and small spaces. 

Also, have a couple of 2-inch throw-away brushes for touch-ups. These brushes are inexpensive and can be thrown away after use. 

8. Wooster Paint Rollers, Frame, and Paint Tray

tools for painters, with roller, handle and painting tray

Choosing the right roller for your project is crucial. A 9-inch roller is an ideal size for any painting project. Pair it with a painter’s tray and roller frame for easy paint application. Select from natural fiber, synthetic fiber, or foam rollers, depending on your needs. 

9. Roller Extension Pole

roller pole extention to reach high walls and ceilings

Don’t forget the roller extension, ideal for reaching high spaces like ceilings and high interior walls. It’s a must-have for any painter.

10. Rags & Canvas Drop cloth

Lastly, keep rags handy for quick cleanups and spills, and use canvas drop cloths to protect the floors and surfaces from paint splatter.

11. Paint Bucket

tools for painters, paint bucket to carry paint

A paint bucket is a must-have when it comes to tools for painters. It offers convenience, consistent color mixing, reduced waste, and easy mobility. It simplifies the painting process, making it an essential tool for every DIY house painter.

The Handy Pro Pail boasts a robust design and comes equipped with a wide array of features. It accommodates both mini-rollers and large brushes, making it an excellent choice for professionals and do-it-yourself painters seeking efficiency.

Tools For Painters Extended List (12-18)

12. Frog Painters Tape

13. Sandpaper

14. Vacuum Cleaner

15. Roller Cover

16. Ladder

17. Disposable Gloves

18. Respirator/ Mask

In conclusion, this list of tools for painters is the building blocks of a painter’s toolkit. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional painter, investing in a quality painting tool kit will not only make your job easier but also ensure a flawless finish. Remember to choose tools that match your specific needs and project requirements. With the right equipment at your disposal, you can take on any painting task with confidence and precision.