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If you are thinking of painting with Farrow and Ball Interior paints but aren’t sure of where to start, read this blog first.

Farrow and Ball Paints

Farrow and Ball paints are synonymous with quality and high-end clientele. It is one of the most expensive paint brands out there, at about 125 dollars a gallon. So, what makes farrow and Ball this paint so special? And why are Farrow and Ball paints so expensive? In this blog, we will answer these questions and provide tips to ensure you achieve the best results with Farrow and Ball.

Farrow and Ball History

Farrow and Ball is an iconic British paint brand known for its rich history. It was founded by two chemists, John Farrow and Richard Ball: hence Farrow & Ball. As Chemists, Farrow and Ball focused on formulating their paints with only the finest ingredients. With Paint color names like Charleston Gray, Oxford Stone, and Dove Tale, Farrow and Ball paints have always been associated with a niche boutique market.

What Makes Farrow and Ball Special? 

The first and most important thing is their focus on high-quality traditional paints. Farrow and Ball Paints are dedicated to their traditional paint roots. Every gallon of paint is formulated, produced, and packaged back in Dorset England where they first began.

Being a niche kind of company, they have a focused approach to paint manufacturing. With this focus, they can provide their customers with extraordinary, deep, and rich pigmented paints, which bring any surface to life!

Finally, their products don’t allow tinting because all their products come pre-mixed. Most paint company colors are mixed in paint stores when you order them, using a tinting machine. Farrow and Ball paints, on the other hand, are formulated and mixed in Dorset, England before being shipped out. So, this allows for consistent colors every time and removes any human error which comes with tinting. As a result, their paint colors are one of a kind and not easily imitated.

Farrow and Ball Sheen & Finishes Levels?

Farrow and Ball have both interior and exterior paints, but in this blog, we will focus only on their interior paint options. Before looking at colors, we recommend you think about the sheen or finish you want and where you would be using the paint.

With Farrow and Ball, the sheen levels are Modern Emulsion, Estate Emulsion, Modern Eggshell, Estate Eggshell, and Full Gloss. This blog focuses on their most popular finishes, The Estate Emulsion and Modern Emulsion.

Farrow and Ball Estate Emulsion vs. Modern Emulsion.

So what’s the difference between Estate Emulsion and Modern Emulsion?

Well, Estate Emulsion is flat and chalky and is designed to be used in bedrooms, living rooms, on ceilings, and dining rooms. Specifically, rooms that don’t see a lot of traffic and moisture. Since it’s a flat paint it’s less durable, meaning any marks on walls will stand out.

If you are looking for a more durable paint finish, the Modern Emulsion is the better choice. Modern Emulsion finish is washable. scuff-proof and protect against mold. It can be used on furniture, ceilings, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, and more.

At H.D.F. Painting, we deal with residential homes where every room is a high-traffic area. Therefore we recommend the Modern Emulsion. It has a higher sheen level, meaning it’s more durable. You still get a flat-like finish because the sheen level is around 7%. It’s quick-drying, washable, scuff, stain, and mold resistant.

Are Farrow and Ball Paints Eco-Friendly?

Short answer, yes Farrow and Ball paints are Eco Friendly. It’s 100% water-based paint and has little to no odor (Low Volatile Organic Compounds). Their products are also child and baby safe. It can be used in children’s bedrooms, playrooms, and nurseries.

How to Achieve the Best Results.

Once you have the color you want and are ready to paint, follow these steps for the best results. Remember like any painting project, proper surface preparation is important and key to a flawless finish. Make sure your surface is clean and flat and without imperfections.

1. What tools will you need?

You will need a brush, specifically a synthetic bristles brush, like the Cortez paintbrush. You will also need a roller, a medium pile woven polyester roller. These rollers allow for fast even coverage and reduce splatter.

2. Is a primer necessary?

when working with Farrow and Ball. Sticking with the Farrow and Ball brand, we love their Wall & Ceiling Primer and Undercoat. It’s formulated with the same ingredients as their finish paints, and improves adhesion and coverage. Their primer comes in 4 tones. Make sure to use the right tone with the color you picked. The correct tones can be found on their website.

3.  How many coats & dry time? 

Using two coats of both the primer and finish will result in great and equal coverage. Farrow and Ball paints take about two hours to dry and can be recoated in four hours.

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