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How to Brush High Gloss Paint | Fine Paints of Europe

When it comes to hand-brushing high gloss paints, like Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac Brilliant, some may be intimidated due to the level of skill needed to apply it. If you are looking for a glass-like finish, hand brushing may seem like a challenging route to go. But fear not, we are here to help you achieve your goal of a high gloss, mirror-like finish when brushing Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac Brilliant.

In this blog, we’re going to share some easy steps you can take when prepping and hand-brushing Fine Paints of Europe – even if you can’t hire a professional painter.

5 Keys to a Quality Finish with Fine Paints of Europe

We find that as a versatile paint, Fine Paints of Europe can be used on most home surfaces. At H.D.F. Painting, we have used it on front doors, kitchen cabinets, and even home library shelves as an accent piece. 

1. Proper Surface Preparation

Unlike most paint products, Fine Paints of Europe contains no extenders or fillers. This means all surfaces must be properly dusted and vacuumed, especially after sanding. We use the Festool Hepa Dust Extraction to remove any particles or dust on our surfaces. We then follow that with a tack cloth. When dust or foreign particles are left on the surface, it can result in paint failure and rough surfaces.

To avoid any paint issues, make sure to inspect your surfaces for any imperfections. Patch or fill any holes, sand flush, vacuum, and wipe clean with a tack cloth.

2. Keep the Area Dust Free.

Our customers love the high sheen finish due to its clean mirror-like look. The last thing you want is to have airborne dust in your final finish. Some painters will wet their floors to keep dust from being kicked up. We used an air filtration system that continuously filters the air during painting and drying.

3. Prime Before Applying Finish Coat.

Always prime your surface before applying the finish coat. We find that using a primer will always enhance the paint’s durability and appearance. Primers also help adhere paint, so you don’t run into situations such as peeling paint.

We recommend using primers made specifically by Fine Paints of Europe. At H.D.F. Painting, we love their Oil Primer/Undercoat. It provides superior leveling and adhesion.

4. Top Notch Paint Brushes and Rollers.

Painting with quality tools is another important aspect of working with Fine Paints of Europe. We recommend using rollers specially made for high-gloss paint. Fine paints of Europe offer quality tools that assure quality results and easy application. Since we are working with High Gloss Paint, we recommend using a natural bristle brush, like the Omega Round Sash.

5. Thin out Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac.

To get that mirror-like finish when hand brushing, we apply the Hollandlac brilliant in multiple thin coats. To achieve this, we thin out of paint by adding a little Penetrol and Fine Paints of Europe Thinner to the mix. Judge the mix for yourself; Avoid overdoing it. You want the paint to be able to glide smoothly across your surface.

Pro Tip for Brushing Fine Paints of Europe.

Lightly sand with 200-280 grit sandpaper between each thin layer of paint you apply. After sanding, vacuum and wipe the surface clean with a tack cloth. Apply about 2-3 layers for best results.

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