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Fine Paints Of Europe | Quality High Gloss Paints

In the last couple of years, there has been an increase in inquiries from clients looking to achieve a high gloss finish. High gloss paints are known to be tough and durable. In addition, they also provide a mirror-like finish that speaks luxury.

The brand we recommend to clients to achieve that perfect mirror-like gloss finish is Fine Paints Of Europe. This blog covers everything about Fine Paints of Europe and how they should be applied to achieve the perfect finish.

History | Who Makes Fine Paints of Europe?

Fine Paints of Europe started in 1987 with the promise of providing high-performance paints made with the highest quality ingredients. They found that premium paints sold in Europe, specifically in Holland, were made with the strictest industry standards that assured durability, beauty, and longevity.  

Until the 1990s, Fine Paints products were strictly oil-based, but they have since broadened their range of different products to include water-based wall paint, enamel, and primer. 

Even though their name would make you think otherwise, Fine Paints of Europe is an American Company. Part of the reason Fine Paints of Europe started in the United States was to provide the American market with a product that matched the quality of Dutch-manufactured paints. For this reason, they import their paints directly from Holland, hence their name, Fine Paints of Europe.

What Makes Fine Paints of Europe Different?

So what makes Fine Paints of Europe different? First, the quality of materials used in their manufacturing is top-notch. Fine Paints of Europe contains expensive, high-grade resin combined with the highest quality pigments. They cut no corners when making their paints products. 

Second, the quality of their paint products is reflected directly in their price per gallon. Most of their paint finishes range from $90-$155 per gallon. Nevertheless, the quality and longevity of their products make it worth the money. With proper preparation and painting by a professional, certified painting company, your painted surface can look beautiful for 8-10 years with little to no touchups. 

Is Fine Paints of Europe Eco-Friendly?

At H.D.F. Painting, we strive to be more eco-friendly, and our focus is always on the safety of our clients and staff. So we aim to use and recommend paint products that are Eco-friendly and low-odor. 

Is Fine Paints of Europe eco-friendly? The short answer is yes! Their water-based high gloss paints adhere to the strictest guidelines. These guidelines focus on reducing the level of unpleasant orders or other potentially harmful or irritating contaminants. 

Where Can You Use Fine Paints of Europe?

Fine Paints of Europe is versatile and can be painted on any surface. You will most likely find it used on front doors, furniture, and kitchen cabinets. Similarly, It can also be used on walls and ceilings. Following the proper preparation and painting procedures will guarantee a high-quality glossy finish. 

Top 5 Favorite Products from Fine Paint of Europe

1. Hollandlac Brilliant

Arguably, the most popular paint product from Fine Paints of Europe is Hollandlac Brilliant. This oil-based high gloss paint creates a mirror-like finish when properly applied.

fine paints of europe high gloss paints

2. ECO Brilliant

There are times when we will suggest Fine Paints of Europe Eco for woodwork. It is the water-based counterpart to Hollandlac. The Eco, like the Hollandlac, comes in a variety of different sheens.

eco brilliant fine paints of europe

3. Eurolux Interior Matte

Eurolux Matte Interior Paints is another home painting product we enjoy working with and would recommend. It provides a great finish, covers well, cleans up easily, and can be tinted to match nearly any color.

Fine Paints of Europe Eurolux

4. Universal Latex Primer

Fine Paints also happens to make our favorite primers. Their Universal Latex Primer is unmatched in its category in; adhesion, stain blocking, build, and coverage, which are all essential elements to a high-quality primer.

Universal Latex Primer

5. Primer Undercoat

Their Primer Undercoat is also a great product. It provides a high build, sandable surface like no other primer. It comes in both oil and ECO.

primer undercoat fine paints of europe

Do you Need to Hire a Professional Painter for Fine Paints of Europe?

Our immediate answer will be no. Practice makes perfect. The more you use it, the better you will get.

However, unlike most paints, there is a huge learning curve when it comes to the preparation and application of Fine Paints of Europe high gloss paints. So if you want it done right the first time then we recommend hiring a a painting company with experience working with Fine Paints of Europe Products.

Hiring a certified professional, like H.D.F. Painting, will result in a quality paint finish. Hiring a professional painter will also save you time, money, and costly mistakes.

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