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Swedish Putty and Brushing Putty. What is the Difference?

Before we get into Swedish Putty versus Brushing Putty, let’s begin with the question;

What is Putty?

In the house painting industry, the word Putty is used to refer to products used to fill imperfections on surfaces.

In this blog, we are speaking specifically about Putty paint products designed by Fine Paints of Europe. These Putty products work alongside their high gloss paints to achieve glass-like surfaces.

What is Swedish Putty?

Swedish Putty, also called Enduit (on-Dwee), is a product that will produce remarkable results but requires patience and some skill to achieve a glass-like finish when working with Fine Paints of Europe. Swedish Putty can be played to walls, ceilings, doors, trim, and furniture.

How to Achieve Best Results

1. Apply Swedish Putty in thin layers with a Putty Knife.

2. Allow for some dry time (12-24 hours), then sand to a smooth finish.

3. Repeat the process till you are satisfied with your surfaces. When you are ready to paint, apply the Fine Paints or Europe in multiple thin layers.

What is Brushing Putty?

Brushing Putty is great to use when you want to hide graining on wood like Oak. It will also fill and seal any holes or dents on a surface. A great product for restoration! Great for doors, walls, windows, cabinet work, and furniture.

How to Achieve Best Results

1. To properly use Brushing Putty, your surfaces should be dry and free of dust and grease. Sand all wood surfaces lightly.

2. For application, buy a cheap throw-away brush.

3. For the best results, thin out the Brushing Putty with Penetrol; About 5% thinner.

4. Apply an even coat, and allow to dry for about 12 hours.

5. Sand the surface smooth and even with 200-grit sandpaper. If you think you might need another layer of Brushing putty, just repeat the application steps.

At H.D.F. Painting, we work with both Fine Paints of Europe Swedish Putty and Brushing Putty. We can help you achieve that luxury high gloss painting look.

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