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Professionalism | High End House Painters

We have a staff of 9 field painters.  We have painters with a range of experience from 20 to 40 years. In addition, we have “apprentice” painters with 1 to 3 years of experience. On paper, similar to our Boston Red Sox, we have a great mix of talent. Some would say, like our New England Patriots, we are “loaded” with talent. Whatever you want to say, I really like our TEAM!  

One of the key “teachable moments” for our younger staff is the concept of “professionalism”. In fact, the four key components in an apprentice painter’s job description are to listen, learn, work hard, be on time, and look like a professional.

What does that mean? At HDF Painting, that means when you look in the mirror every morning and your painting shirt looks like a drop cloth, change and put on a new one. When it’s hot out and the day screams, “wear shorts”, put on painter’s shorts, not gym shorts that you may see in a hot yoga class.  Respect yourself, respect your peers, respect your work, and respect our clients. Treat every house we work on and in as if it were your own. That is what professionalism means at HDF Painting, Inc. The Fine Art of Painting!