Colors for your home

Picking the Right Colors For Your Home

When looking to renovate your home, one of the least expensive options is painting. Choosing which paint color to use in each room is very important and at times can be intimidating for homeowners. The right color has the power to influence the value of your home and the emotions of those residing in that space.

The Power Of Color.

If you are planning to sell your home, have justor are simply looking to repaint, it is essential to carefully choose the colors you use. The wrong color choice can make a space feel too bright or small, or simply uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important to select colors that will enhance the look and feel of your space, and create the atmosphere you desire.

Monetary Value Of Color.

According to a study done by Zillow, one of the major changes you should consider when selling your home is painting. Zillow conducted a study on 32,000 homes for sale. What they found was that homes painted with certain colors sold higher than their market price. Picking the right colors for your home can be a very powerful tool when you are looking to attract buyers.

Psychological Value Of Color

Color has been known to trigger certain emotions. It has the power to change the size of a room and the energy in a room. Lighter colors are airier and therefore have the power to make a room seem larger and brighter. On the other hand, dark colors are warmer and vibrate therefore making a room seem more intimate.


Red is an intense color and raises the energy level in any room. When used in high-traffic areas like living rooms and dining rooms, it has the power to pull people together. The richness of the color red can be great for accent walls in these spaces. Homeowners should avoid using red in bedrooms or spaces meant for unwinding and rest.

Though red is a very powerful color, its monetary value falls short. Zillow found that homes that used red in dining rooms or living rooms sold on average $2,031 less than their original market price.


Blue is known to invoke a calming and relaxing feeling in people. Therefore it is great for bedrooms and kitchens. Rooms that do not receive natural light can feel colder with the color blue. It is advised to balance out those rooms with warm-colored furnishing. Bright blues such as turquoise and lavender-blue are perfect for living rooms because it is calming without the chilly feeling.

According to Zillow, painting your kitchen with blues such as grey-blue can increase your home’s value by an average of $1,809. Using warm blues like Periwinklee value by an average of $5,400. Bedrooms painted with Cadet blue sold for an average of $1,856 more. Similarly, using blues in dining rooms can increase the value by an average of $1,926. However, it is not in the bathroom can increase threcommended to use blues in living rooms as it can decrease the value by an average of $800.


yellow color on accent wall

The color yellow captures happiness and joy. Yellow is great for accent walls when used in dining rooms and bathrooms due to its uplifting nature. Yellow should not be used as the main color scheme in your home. Even though it’s uplifting, yellow can be very intense at night under lamplight. Babies seem to cry more when yellow is used in their rooms. Too much yellow can also create a feeling of frustration.

Zillow found that homes with yellow walls on average sold for less. Yellows such as marigolds in kitchens sold for $820 less on average.


neutral brown color on house

Grays and browns are known as neutral colors. Both colors are emotionless and moody. They create a dull and unsettling feeling. It can be used in rooms with a lot of natural light to balance the mood.

Zillow found that browns such as pale taupe used in living rooms sold for $1,809 more on average. Also, Zillow found that gray and browns used on the exterior and front door of a home sold for $1,742 more on average.

Choosing Paint Colors For Your Home

Picking the right color for your home can be stressful, but we hope this blog helps make the process easier. All these colors have the power to either increase or decrease the value of your home. It’s best to update the colors in your home to increase its market value before you put it up for sale. It’s the least expensive way to update your home. For new homeowners, picking the right colors is a great way to create a cozy and intimate place for you and your family.

At H.D.F. Painting, we provide color consulting services for all our painting projects. We believe in the power of color and we will help make the process easier.