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The Fine Art of Painting

Teaching Quality House Painting

I have been in the painting business since 1982. As I think about putting together a training program for our new apprentice painters I find it challenging to retrieve all the paint knowledge in my head and condense it into an educational forum.

I’m struck by the fact that in those 35 years, I have experienced so many emotions, feelings, and thoughts about not only the trade of painting but as I see myself in this trade. Early on, there were doubts about competency. In the middle years, the transformation from craftsman to businessman took hold. Lately, it has been a growing passion for this particular trade.  

Nevertheless, I come back to how do I “teach” this trade to the younger apprentices? Is the art of craftsmanship lost? Are the values of hard, physical work gone? I want to shake the disassociated youth of America and say, “look this work will teach you so much about yourself, about the world, about what is important.”

I have learned over these past 35 years that there is still much to learn. And that is what excites me every day about what we do at H.D.F. Painting. At H.D.F. Painting, our seasoned painters have a combined 110 years of painting experience! And to this day they are still laying down the most beautiful finishes, seemingly and effortlessly.

We have another two painters with 10 years each of experience and extensive knowledge on spraying. We have a young painter with 5 years of experience and an abundance of positive energy. Presently, we are training him to manage the two apprentice painters.  

We still hold true to the craftsmanship of the trade. Our tagline, “The Fine Art of Painting,” resonates with our 110 years of experience in our veteran painters that trickles down to the new staff.  2017 is an exciting year at H.D.F Painting. We are ready, we are focused, we are waiting for your calls! Experience quality house painting with H.D.F. Painting.