Working with HEPA Dust Extractor and Sanders

The Best HEPA Dust Extractor and Sanders by Festool

HEPA Dust Extractor

Festool, the German-owned company, has entered the house painting market with a bang! Their patented EPA approved HEPA dust extractors is a must-have in the house painting business. Especially if you deal with lead paint removal.

Their HEPA Dust Extractor extracts dust at the source quickly and effectively. Leaving your work area dust-free! When dealing with lead paint removal, you want to use a high-quality tool that minimizes the amount of airborne lead particles.

The Festool HEPA Dust Extractor is that tool due its ability to capture 99.997% of all particles down to 0.3 microns. Providing safe clean air for homeowners and painting contractors.

Festool Planex Drywall Sanders.

The Festool LHS 225 Planex Drywall Sander is another tool we use by Festool. We have used it to effectively sand ceilings and walls. We have also successfully removed the textured finish from ceilings using the Planex. (The effectiveness in removing texture from ceilings is dependent on whether the ceiling has been painted and the type of plaster). The Planex Drywall Sander is fitted with a dust extractor so drywall sanding is relatively clean and dust-free.

The Festool Planex has an 18-inch swivel head surface and a unique suction set-up that allows you to secure the pad to the surface. Another added plus is a harness that reduces the stress on your back and shoulders when working over your head.

We highly recommend both the HEPA Dust Extractors and sanders by Festool.