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Doors Of Dublin | Add Personality To Your Home

Iconic Colorful Doors of Ireland Capital

There is a well-known poster called “The Doors of Dublin”, which exhibits a collection of Irish doors painted in a variety of colors. I mention this because I always have been drawn to the colors and styles of front doors. The front door serves as a gateway to the personality and character of the inhabitants.

The fact that the front door is always an accent color allows for a wide range of color choices. Front doors receive a lot of wear and tear since they are high-traffic areas and thus need constant maintenance. 

Door Painting | Our Painting Process

For the last 35 years, we have painted thousands of doors, which have provided us with the experience and knowledge to create the perfect door painting method. The result at the end of this process is a beautifully painted front door you will love! 

  1. First, we remove the doors and transport them to our painting shop.
  2. We then apply plywood and insulation to the door opening at your home.
  3. At our paint shop, we sand the door with the Festool sanders and vacuum the door surface. 
  4. Then we use a tack cloth to remove any loose dirt and dust. This method will ensure a lasting paint finish.
  5. Next, we inspect the surface for imperfections and fill any dents with exterior spackle or Abatron 2 part epoxy.
  6. Next, we sand patches smooth,  then tack and vacuum the door even and clean.
  7. We then apply one coat of oil-based Fine Paints of Europe tinted to your color of choice.
  8. After 24 hours of dry time, we sand the primer, tack and, vacuum the door once again. 
  9. We then apply 4 thinned out coats of Fine Paints of Europe Brilliant High Gloss Oil. Once again, we sand between coats of paint.

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